Amazing Spider-Man Star On Whether He Would Return To Marvel Films

The Amazing Spider-Man franchise came to an abrupt end when Sony and Marvel Studios struck a deal allowing the wallcrawler to appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe alongside the Avengers in early 2014.

Spider-Man made his MCU debut in Captain America: Civil War earlier this year, marking a very real end to Andrew Garfield's run in the Amazing saga.

Though not very well received, the Amazing franchise had set the stage for its future in the form of several loose ends. One of those teases of the future included a Sinister Six appearance including the Green Goblin as portrayed by Dane DeHaan. While DeHaan does have another comic book movie on the horizon in Valerian, it looks like returning to a Marvel (or even DC) film is further out.

Speaking to DeHaan at the 20th Century Fox showcase event in New York City, heard about his upcoming A Cure For Wellness film, but also posed the question of what would bring him back to the world of super heroes.

"I'm super excited about Valerian," DeHaan said. "I think it is as original as a franchise movie can get. I think there's a huge amount of originality that's gonna go along with it. It'll have a voice that sometimes gets stripped from the Marvel/DC movies."

All things considered, DeHaan is not ready to rule out the possibility of a return.

"Never say never but, for now, I'm Valerian," DeHaan said.

DeHaan Spidey

In A Cure For Wellness, DeHaan's acting is truly tested. In playing a savvy business man forced into recovering an executive gone missing in a creepy Swiss town, DeHaan truly appears to be put through the ringer.


"I went through a lot," DeHaan said. "It's hard to say everything I went through without giving away the movie but I think when you see the movie, you'll be like, 'Whoa! That dude went through a lot!' and I did. Everyday was just a different adventure. There were weeks of torture. It was terrifying. I had a lot nightmares but it was fun. It was a crazy ride just like the movie is."

A Cure For Wellness hits theaters February 17, 2017.