Amazon’s Latest Marvel Graphic Novel Sale is All About the Avengers and Thanos


Avengers: Infinity War hits theaters on Friday, and we thought it was fantastic, so it’s officially time to get hyped. You can do that right this instant thanks to Amazon’s latest sale on Marvel digital graphic novels.

You can shop the entire sale from Amazon here. It includes discounts of up to 65% on dozens of collections featuring the Avengers and Thanos. Some highlights from the collection include:

• Infinity Gauntlet for $3.99
• Infinity War: Collected Edition for $7.99
• Infinity: 1 for $9.99
• New Avengers Vol. 2: Infinity for $3.99
• Avengers vs. Thanos for $9.99
• New Avengers Vol. 2: Infinity for $3.99
• Thanos Rising for $2.99


Naturally, the comics in the sale are available to read via Kindle or Comixology. On that note, Comixology is running their own Avengers: Infinity War tie-in sale and an Avengers sale that includes both graphic novels (with the same Amazon discount) and single issues for 99 cents. Many of the titles in the sales are also available to read for free as part of subscription services, like Comixology Unlimited.

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