Andrew Garfield Revisits Ryan Reynolds Golden Globes Kiss

Andrew Garfield revisited his Golden Globes kiss with Ryan Reynolds. In a conversation with WIRED, the Spider-Man star retold the story of his liplock back in 2016. He was up for Best Actor in a Drama for his turn in Hacksaw Ridge. Of course, Reynolds was up for Deadpool. So, when Ryan Gosling netted the hardware for Motion Picture, Musical, or Comedy, fans got a glimpse of that kiss and social media lit up like a Christmas tree. The stunt lives on as a bit of a reminder about how fun these actors can be. Check out the memory down below:

"It was a really fun moment. I said to him, 'If you win, kiss me instead of Blake, your wife' because Blake was on the other side. He was like 'Amazing. Let's do it.' And then he was like, 'What if, even if I don't win?' I'm like, 'Yeah. Let's just kiss.' So yeah, that was fun," Garfield said. "It was nice to do it. I liked it. Yes, he did get lost in my eyes. I felt it, and then I realized that what we had done was a mistake because for me, it was just a prank. Like a fun thing. But obviously, you know, this has happened before, where people catch feelings and I don't."

In some comments to Sirius XM's Andy Cohen, the Spider-Man star talked about the fan response to the character.

"I think the world dictates that and I think it is...  I will vouch for the character for a second in the sense that, it's the only superhero where he's covered head to toe, you don't see skin color, you don't see, sexual orientation you don't see any of those things," the actor mused. "So everyone can project themselves into the suit and I think that's why he's probably the most beloved superhero, universally throughout every culture, throughout every race."

"When my tenure was done and Tom Holland's tenure started… I don't share your sentiments, I'm afraid. I was very happy and very excited," Garfield continued. "And also, you know... since it was the first Halloween costume when I was three, my mum made it out of felt and just this beautiful thing and so I get it. I get the hunger. It's something that I can get down with. I'm sorry that it's keeping you up at night."


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