Ant-Man To Begin Shooting After Thor 2

You never see him coming—possibly because he’s only an inch tall on the approach.Late this [...]

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You never see him coming—possibly because he's only an inch tall on the approach. Late this afternoon, Latino Review reported that Ant-Man will be the next film to enter production at Marvel's London studios following Thor: The Dark World. That would throw huge question marks up as to when the release date would be not only for that film, but also for The Avengers 2, which was widely believed to be on the slate for 2015. According to the article, Ant-Man may join Guardians of the Galaxy and Captain America: The Winter Soldier, making three 2014 releases for Marvel Studios. It also begs the question: when will Captain America: The Winter Soldier go into production? For months, Disney executives and Marvel's Kevin Feige have matter-of-factly referred to Captain America 2 as going into production right after Thor 2 and being the next Marvel film on the docket—so much so that it's slated for a release in the same calendar year as Thor: The Dark World. This may, of course, be something expedited in order to accommodate director Edgar Wright. The Scott Pilgrim vs. the World and Shaun of the Dead filmmaker has a number of projects in development right now, ranging from big studio pictures to smaller, pet project films. There has been for some time some concern that Wright's schedule would end up delaying Ant-Man, a film that's already been plagued by delays. It's possible, then, that the movie has been fast-tracked simply to work with Wright's cramped schedule. Wright appeared at San Diego Comic-Con International in support of the film, marking its official announcement after years of rumors, speculation and false-starts. The test footage he showed at the convention wowed the audience, who left the room concerned mostly with who might play the lead role in the film.