Anthony Mackie Describes Robert Downey Jr.'s Basecamp On Captain America: Civil War


While Captain America has the title of First Avenger, Robert Downey Jr.'s Iron Man was the Avenger that started Marvel Studios down the path of success.

With that thought in mind, it makes sense that Downey Jr. enjoys some additional perks while on set, including not just one, but four trailers, coupled with his very own gate. This basecamp as its called is the envy of many, including Falcon actor Anthony Mackie, which he elaborated on during an appearance on Live With Kelly And Michael.

"Oh yeah yeah yeah. So the goal every day is to get invited for lunch with RDJ. We don't call him Robert, we call him RDJ. So, you know, I'll say this, every day you go to set, you work your hardest up until lunch, right, and then lunch comes and you're like, you want to see who's going to get in that golf cart, and ride past the trailers to Robert's basecamp, and you always try and infiltrate that golf cart. So when the golf cart comes in everybody's outside like "yo, who you picking up?", right? And he then goes to the trailer and he's like Robert would like to invite you to lunch."

The actor even has someone protecting his basecamp according to Mackie. "And a little dude that stands at the gate all day, sunburnt, just burned. Burned, he's just there all day with SPF 60 ahhhh."


If Tony Stark were filming a movie, this setup is exactly what you'd envision him filming it in.