'Avengers 4' Fan Art Imagines Captain America's Last Dance

If you've been feeling entirely too sad about Marvel's upcoming Avengers 4, and the fact that some [...]

If you've been feeling entirely too sad about Marvel's upcoming Avengers 4, and the fact that some of your favorite Avengers probably won't be alive when the film is over, then you may want to stop reading this article now. It's about to get emotional up in here, especially for the Captain America faithful.

One of the most tear-jerking storylines throughout the Marvel Cinematic Universe has undoubtedly been that of Steve Rogers and Peggy Carter. The two fell in love during World War II and planned a date to go dancing, but were never able to make it due to Steve flying a Nazi plane into a block of ice. When he was unfrozen decades later, Peggy was an old woman who had lived a full life after Steve's disappearance. She died at the beginning of Captain America: Civil War, with Steve still wondering what could have been.

Peggy and Steve still never got their dance, though many fans were convinced they would get the chance via a nightmare in Avengers: Age of Ultron. These theories are surfacing again as we approach Avengers 4.

Time travel is heavily rumored to be included in the movie, as a way of resurrecting those lost to the Snappening. Of course, this means Steve could also go back in time to the end of the war and reunite with Peggy, finally giving her the dance he promised.

While this has been merely a theory in the minds of fans, artist BossLogic has brought the scene to life, shattering all of our hearts in the process.

On Thursday morning, BossLogic tweeted a piece which he calls "Last Dance," and it features the moment both Peggy and Steve waited their whole lives for. The couple stands in an empty ballroom, dancing closely together. If you look closely at their legs however, it's clear that this is only a dream or an illusion, not something made to last.

Sadly, Peggy and Steve probably won't ever get their chance on the dance floor, and we're going to need a refill on the tissues.

What do you think of the "Last Dance" piece? Are you hoping to see Peggy Carter return in Avengers 4? Let us know in the comments!

Avengers 4 is set to arrive in theaters on May 3, 2019.