Black Widow Gets Amazing New Name and Armor in Avengers

All of Marvel's Avengers have had a ton of looks over the course of their hero careers. This week, in Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, Black Widow gets a new costume that is a drastic departure from a lot of her easily identifiable looks. During the issue, the team has it's hands full with a bunch of various threats. One part of the team has to deal with Thor, who has been infected by the Brood. The other is racing through space in Ghost Rider's Hell Charger as they flee Silver Sufer. To add to the drama, they are trapped in a Shi'ar prison galaxy and need to get through those two ordeals to make it back home. There are some definite highlights during this issue, but that new look is absolutely stunning in it's short appearance. *Spoilers ahead for Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes #28*

As the Silver Surfer does battle with Ghost Rider, Nat stays behind in the Hell Charger with Boy-Thing and Blade. When it becomes clear that they're going to have to fight some sketchy characters on the surface of a planet they crash land on, Black Widow takes charge. She asks about her luggage in the trunk and apparently it is still there. Nat goes into the trunk and retrieves the package as the bad guys advance on the vehicle. What they didn't expect is the heroine to fly out of the back of the car with her new suit of armor on. The issue calls her the War Widow and this snazzy looking armor calls to mind both Ironheart and Rescue in its design. But that black and red color scheme show that this was designed from the ground up for Black Widow. It looks like next issue is going to largely be a test drive of sorts, so those raiders might want to run for it while they still can.

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(Photo: Marvel Entertainment)

When talking about her first time seeing the Black Widow suit, Scarlett Johansson was absolutely stunned. There's not a whole lot left to the imagination, but that is pretty endemic to the genre at this point. Still, it must have come as quite a shock.

"Look at that thing. I mean, who wants to get into something like that?" Johansson began. "You just think, 'Oh god, really? Couldn't it have, like I don't know, some sort of a peplum skirt or something?' This thing is like very: there you are. It was also everything it represented. The character was so beloved. She's an iconic character. And I didn't know how people were going to take it. What the hell was I doing in this franchise? It was daunting."

Well, not to worry, because in the upcoming Black Widow, the heroine gets another drastic wardrobe change. When the first images of a white Black Widow costume hit the Internet, fans just couldn't believe it. Now, that the trailer is out, fans were able to see that this wasn't just some concept art, it was going to be a real thing. At the rate the MCU is drawing from the comics, who knows, maybe one day fans will get to see the War Widow armor in a Disney+ series or something down the line.