Avengers: Endgame Features Major Ant-Man Continuity Mistake

When it comes to the epic events of Avengers: Endgame, there are a lot of moving parts that the filmmakers had to keep track of throughout its three-hour runtime. From the time-traveling plot to the climactic final battle, directors Joe and Anthony Russo undertook the daunting task of keeping everything flowing smoothly, making sure it all made sense.

But given the massive scale of the film, it's not surprising to see some things don't add up. Take Ant-Man, for instance; his major moment in the big battle features a team up with the Wasp where they have to hotwire Luis' van with the portable Quantum Tunnel mounted in the back.

Right around the 2:22:00 mark in the film, Ant-Man and the Wasp tell Captain America that they're going to get the Quantum Tunnel functional, quickly flying into the van and realizing it needs some work before it's operational. Even before the setback of the van needing to be hotwired, Scott Lang mentions that he'll need about ten minutes to get it going.

The scene then cuts to Hawkeye with the Nano Gauntlet, where Black Panther takes out a wave of Outriders before taking the Infinity Stones from Clint. We then get an awesome scene where T'Challa dodges and weaves his way through a group of villains, which is all fine and dandy if you're not paying attention to the action in the background.

As Panther is running through the chaos, right at the 2:23:00 mark — and less than a minute after Scott started hot-wiring the van — the scene shows Ant-Man in his giant form gripping one of the Chitauri Leviathans and forcing it through one of the portals made by Doctor Strange and his allies.

Now, of course this is a nitpick. It was a decision likely made in the editing bay because it works for the flow of the movie, and only a handful of people would actually notice Ant-Man hot-wiring the van and then fighting a giant space worm in the span of 30 seconds.

Maybe he had to duck out of the van for a second to stop the Leviathan, maybe Hank Pym joined the battle for a few seconds and never appeared again after that. Maybe Scott Lang from the future went back in time for the battle just to punch the giant space worm — WHO KNOWS.


But for all of the questions about alternate universes and Captain America possibly ruining the timeline, maybe we were focusing on the wrong thing all along. Maybe Ant-Man is to blame for all of the continuity problems in the Marvel Cinematic Universe...

Avengers: Endgame is now available on Digital HD, and will be released on Blu-ray and DVD on August 13th.