Avengers: Endgame EP Responds to Academy Awards Chatter

Not too long ago, Avengers: Endgame directors Joe and Anthony Russo admitted they thought Robert Downey Jr. deserved an Oscar nod for his performance in the latest team-up flick from Marvel Studios. It looks like the Russos aren't the only part of the Marvel machine that is hoping for a nod or two when the calendar eventually flips into awards season. To celebrate the home media release of Avengers: Endgame next week, we spoke with executive producer Trinh Tran.

Since genre films getting Oscar nominations is always a pressing topic, we asked her if Marvel would be making a massive "For Your Consideration" push. Though she stopped short of saying she, Kevin Feige, and team would be campaigning their tails off, she did back up Endgame and the tremendous amount of work it takes to put a production like that together.

"I mean that would be great, right?" Trans says of Academy Awards possibilities. "I think, with RDJ, he spent the last decade bringing this character to life since the first Iron Man. To pay tribute to him in Endgame and where his journey ends, I hope everybody embraced what we felt emotionally was impactful to his character. I think that the Russos mentioning that it would be great that he gets acknowledged for the endeavor that he did."

"Just speaking to any directors being able to put all these characters on screen, it really just ... It couldn't have happened in Phase One," continues the producer. "We obviously couldn't have started a movie like this and dump all these characters in and have people actually know who they are. It took time. I think that's the biggest thing is it time allowed us to be able to get to the point to be able to make this movie because we were allowed the time and the opportunity to tell each and every one of their stories separately before we gathered them all together."

Thanks to Black Panther last year, Marvel Studios won their first-ever Oscars. All in all, the Ryan Coogler-led film won three Academy Awards (Best Original Music Score, Best Costume Design, Best Production Design) out of six nominations. Avengers: Infinity War was nominated for Best Visual Effects at last year's ceremony, losing it to First Man.


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