Avengers: Endgame Directors Address If It Really Is the End

Ever since the title "Avengers: Endgame" was announced, fans have been terrified about what that meant for the journeys of our beloved Marvel Cinematic Universe heroes. While we know there are a number of different projects on the horizon, Marvel Studios' refusal to admit when any of those films would release has caused fans to wonder if this latest film could really see our heroes' adventures conclude permanently. With the film now in theaters, fans have learned the fates of some of the heroes, yet we can't help but wonder if this is truly the end for other characters. Directors Joe and Anthony Russo recently weighed in on if this film truly is an "Endgame."

"Our job on this movie, our goal was to bring a closure to this long journey that we've all been on since the very first Iron Man movie, more than 10 years ago now," Anthony admitted on Good Morning America. "And really wrap up the story of the original six Avengers. That's the goal of this film. And hopefully we achieved it in a way that will be exciting and satisfying to audiences. As far as the future goes, we were most concerned with how do we close the past. How do we close the road. We haven't been thinking about the future."

Of the various projects we can look forward to, films focusing on Black Widow and the Eternals have been reported, in addition to sequels to Black Panther, Doctor Strange, and Captain Marvel. Likely as to not give away any clues to the events of Endgame, Marvel Studios has refrained from giving any of these projects release dates, but as far as the Russos are concerned, they aren't seeking out any new Marvel projects for the foreseeable future.

"It's our Endgame, at least for now," Anthony explained to Games Radar. "We don't have any plans for now to make any more Marvel movies. It certainly may come up in the future at some point. We have a wonderful working relationship with [Marvel Studios] and a great passion for what they're doing."

Avengers: Endgame is in theaters now.

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