'Avengers: Infinity War': Dave Bautista on How Long Drax Can Stay Invisible

Avengers: Infinity War left fans with a heck of a lot of questions, but it sounds like the mechanics of one scene have been (kind of) put to rest.

Dave Bautista, who reprised his role as Guardians of the Galaxy member Drax in the film, was recently asked about the scene where Drax claims to have such still movements that he can become invisible. As Bautista told our friends at GameSpot, the mechanics of Drax's "invisibility" depends on one thing -- the mind of Guardians writer-director James Gunn.

"There's no telling how long Drax can stay invisible." Bautista explained. "But I have to say, James Gunn wrote that whole bit. It came from his twisted, sick imagination. So I have to say Drax could stay invisible as long as James Gunn wanted him to stay invisible."

The scene-stealing moment certainly surprised fans when Infinity War first debuted, especially as it was placed at the end of a pretty somber moment between Gamora (Zoe Saldana) and Peter Quill/Star-Lord (Chris Pratt). And as it turns out, the creative team behind Infinity War was more than willing to ask for Gunn's guidance on it.

"We consulted with him, and he gave some suggestions on various Guardians heavy scenes, and there's one extremely hysterical thing, that's entirely him," co-screenwriter Christopher Markus told ComicBook.com, calling the moment "poetic."

That scene was just one of the examples of how well the Guardians factored into Infinity War, something that even Bautista worried about at first.

"I knew Drax, I was comfortable with Drax and who he was and I didn't want to take him in a weird direction that I didn't think was good for the character." Bautista said in an interview last year. "But it wasn't that at all. They kind of just let us do our thing. They gave us free reign to be the Guardians that we know and love and also gave us the luxury of having James Gunn write for us a little bit."

"But I was just amazed at how supportive they were at letting us just be our characters." Bautista continued. "They were like, 'Just go for it.' We're really big on improving stuff, the Guardians are, and we started doing it business as usual and they just really go behind it….That's something I honestly just wasn't expecting, for someone to be so giving and just let us be ourselves."


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Avengers: Infinity War is in theaters now.