Mark Ruffalo Says 'Avengers' 3 & 4 Are Epic And Funny

Marvel fans have been pleasantly surprised with how funny Thor: Ragnarok is and that lightness is something that actor Mark Ruffalo will continue in both Avengers: Infinity War and its sequel, the untitled Avengers 4 and the Hulk is a big part of it.

Despite there being some heavy material going forward, Ruffalo told Collider that the next two Avengers installments are funny, epically so.

"It's so well crafted. [Writers Christopher] Markus and [Stephen] McFeely smashed the script," Ruffalo said. "And it has it all: it's funny, moving... it's epic. It's a Russo brothers classic, like, balls to the wall, you know? It's gonna be amazing. They're so talented, and they're great guys too."

While the Hulk getting a solo movie isn't on the table due to a legal concern between Marvel and Universal, Ruffalo has explained that Thor: Ragnarok is the beginning of a three-film arc for the Hulk and that the ideas of what would have gone into a Hulk movie ended up being incorporated in Ragnarok as well as the upcoming Avengers movies, something that the actor told the BBC is a workaround that solo film.

"So I will get a standalone Hulk movie, and we will work around Universal, and we'll do it in three movies instead of one movie," Ruffalo said and turned to the camera. "SO TAKE THAT, UNIVERSAL. NOW WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO? YOU COULD'VE HAD A PIECE OF THIS, BUT NOOOOO."

Fans can see Ruffalo as the Hulk in Thor: Ragnarok out in theaters now. Avengers: Infinity War is set to debut in theaters on May 4, 2018 with Avengers 4 following a year later on May 3, 2019.