'Avengers: Infinity War': Jeremy Renner Addresses Ronin Rumors

Even though Marvel's upcoming crossover film features nearly every superhero in their vast repertoire, fans are very curious about the Avenging Archer known as Hawkeye, speculating that he'll take on a new identity.

Actor Jeremy Renner is now addressing the rumors of Hawkeye's role in Avengers: Infinity War and its untitled sequel, including the possibility of Clint Barton becoming Ronin.

“It’s difficult, because you want to speak about the movie but you can’t. There’s a lot of superheroes in it,” Renner said to the South China Morning Post. “And it’s gonna be big and it’s gonna be awesome. But I can’t really talk about the movie.”

Regarding the rumors of Ronin, Renner acknowledged that he knows of the persona from the pages of Marvel's New Avengers.

"I can’t get into the theories … I know [Ronin] is in the comics, but otherwise I don’t really know anything about that stuff,” said Renner.

Renner previously expressed frustration with how Hawkeye was used in the first film, as a brainwashed lackey for Loki in Marvel's The Avengers. He's also very eager to get his own solo movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But in these films, he is happy with the direction the Russo Brothers are taking Hawkeye.

"We’re doing a lot of really wondrous things that I’ve always wanted to do with this character … I think everyone will be very pleased when they find out what happens," Renner said.

As for the frustrations that Hawkeye wasn't seen anywhere in the long-awaited trailer for Avengers: Infinity War that finally debuted last month? Renner doesn't really care much and doesn't put much stock into what it could mean for Barton's fate.

"I don’t pay attention to that sort of stuff,” he says dismissively. “I was just excited that we got a trailer together and it’s coming out – that is a pretty killer trailer."


Despite Hawkeye not appearing in the trailer, fans should be encouraged by the actor's frequent posts on social media, documenting his time on both movie's sets. It indicates that Renner's character survives the events of Infinity War and continues to play a major role in the followup.

Of course, we won't know for sure until Avengers: Infinity War finally hits theaters on May 4, 2018.