'Avengers: Infinity War' Fan Shows How Loki Doomed the Surviving Asgardians

Loki may not be what fans consider a role model, but the trickster did try to make amends for some [...]

Loki may not be what fans consider a role model, but the trickster did try to make amends for some of his sins this year. After all, Avengers: Infinity War saw Loki take a heroic turn, but the turnaround wasn't enough to keep Thanos at bay.

After all, as fans might have spotted, Loki doomed his entire race long before Avengers: Infinity War even came out.

Over on Reddit, fans went in on a debate after a post pointed out how one selfish act by Loki left Asgard's refugees in peril. As you can see below, the moment dates all the way back to Thor: Ragnarok, and it has to do with Loki's climatic part fighting Surtur.

Loki by taking the space stone in Thor: Ragnarok unknowingly caused the extinction of his race, if he left it there Thanos wouldn't go for their ship therefore the asgardians would've lived. from r/marvelstudios

When the trickster goes to retrieve the fire demon's crown, Loki can't help but pass a familiar item. As he walks out of the palace's vault, Loki comes face-to-face with the Tesseract in all its Infinity Gem glory. He takes a moment to pause before ultimately grabbing the item, saving it from lingering in space amongst the rubble of Asgard. And, in doing so, he brings it on the refugee ship housing Asgard's last people.

Obviously, that wasn't the best of ideas. The cargo-class ship wasn't ready to house such precious relics, and Thanos made that rather clear when his massive ship attacked the vessel to get the Tesseract.

Of course, there are some fans wondering whether it was simply Loki's presence alone that doomed the group. After all, Thanos did have a bone to pick with the trickster since he failed his mission back in The Avengers. Still, it seems unlikely Thanos would have deviated from his pressing mission to gather the Infinity Gems just for Loki. The fact that he and the Tesseract were in the same place just worked in Thanos' favor, and the Mad Titan cared little about culling any surviving Asgardians to see his goal reached.

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