'Avengers: Infinity War': "The End is Near" TV Spot Released

'The end is near' in the newest Avengers: Infinity War TV spot.The 30-second TV spot, which [...]

"The end is near" in the newest Avengers: Infinity War TV spot.

The 30-second TV spot, which recycles previously seen footage except for its "end is near" soundbite, is the first to advertise Infinity War's new release date of April 27.

Marvel Studios announced on March 1 the superhero epic would be moving up one week from May 4 to April 27, breaking the news through social media with Iron Man star Robert Downey Jr.

Directors Joe and Anthony Russo explained the abrupt change, saying the move comes "so fans around the world can see it at the same time."

Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige describes the Avengers threequel as bringing an ending of sorts to the shared Marvel Cinematic Universe, launched a decade ago with Iron Man in 2008.

"The notion of an ending, the notion of a finale, became very intriguing to us, in large part because you don't see it that often in this particular genre," Feige told Entertainment Weekly.

In November, the baseball cap-wearing producer told Vanity Fair its 2019 sequel, Avengers 4, will act as a "finale" for the ongoing Marvel Cinematic Universe, leading to "two distinct periods" of the saga.

There will be "everything before Avengers 4 and everything after," Feige said, adding he knows what comes next "will not be in ways people are expecting."

Most recently, screenwriters Steven McFeely and Christopher Markus promised Infinity War will "say farewell" to some characters, who will either go away or die and stay dead, as Feige tells it.

Marvel won't be pulling its punches with Infinity War, according to Downey, who says "we're going to pull out the stops, and stop exploring conventions, and look to do stuff where we go, 'Oh, but if we do that, that's very, very definitive.'"

"Well, great," he added, "let's get definitive for a change!"

"We're like a family now," the longtime Iron Man star said of his Marvel Studios co-stars. "Ten years later, we're hanging out and having lunch, and kind of wondering when the draft is going to come in. Which one of us bites it and when?"

Avengers: Infinity War opens April 27, followed by Avengers 4 May 3, 2019.


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