'Avengers: Infinity War' Directors Say Peter Dinklage Is Recognizable in the Film

When the official theatrical poster for Avengers: Infinity War was first released, many fans were surprised by the inclusion of a cast member who was only rumored to be involved: Peter Dinklage.

The Game of Thrones actor's role has not been revealed at this point, and given all of the new CGI villains who are in the movie, some have questioned whether or not they'll be able to recognize Dinklage when he appears.

Directors Anthony and Joseph Russo spoke about Dinklage's role during an interview with Joe.ie, the two reassured that fans should be able to recognize the famous actor.

"You will [recognize him]," responded Joe. "It may take you a beat or two, but you'll certainly recognize him."

"That's all we can say," added Anthony, with a laugh.

Some fans have wondered if Dinklage would be playing a CG character or appearing as himself. Given the effects laden nature of Marvel Studios movies, and Avengers: Infinity War in particular, it's a fair question.

Joe's response gave the barest hint that the actor would be doing a motion capture performance, though he's likely just messing people. Whether Dinklage appears as himself or as a member of the Black Order remains to be seen. Some fans have speculated that he'll be playing either Corvus Glaive or Cull Obsidian, while Ebony Maw is being played by Irish actor Tom Vaughan-Lawlor.

The Russos spoke about bringing Ebony Maw to life, and how he'll be different from the other villains.

"We really were looking for actors to embody these characters of the children of Thanos, called the Black Order," Joe said. "This character Ebony Maw in particular is like Thanos' herald. He's a little bit of his hype man. And Thanos is sort of a culty character. Ebony Maw, the character who Tom plays, is the one that builds up the cult. The character needed a sense of humor and to be a bit dry, and he's stealing all of his scenes, so the character seems to be popping," Joe said.

"And like Josh Brolin with Thanos, Tom is playing a character that is largely created digitally with graphics, and animated, but it is based very specifically on his performance," Anthony added.


Fans will get to see who Peter Dinklage plays, and how the Black Order impacts Earth's Mightiest Heroes, when Avengers: Infinity War premieres in theaters on April 27th.

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