'Avengers: Infinity War' Press Conference Recap

(Photo: Brandon Davis)

On Sunday, the cast, directors, and producers of Avengers: Infinity War assembled in Los Angeles, California for the last press conference before the film's first screening at the world premiere on Monday.

The first questions are for Robert Downey Jr., whether or not he will be in Avengers 4. "Yes, we already filmed it!" Downey Jr. said.

The next question is for anyone from Wakanda. A teacher in the crowd asks Letitia Wright how she feels about Shuri empowering women and young minds.

"I wish I had a Shuri on TV or on movies that I could've seen when I was growing up," Wright said. "[This has] allowed young kids to feel like learning is cool and they can contribute to the world with science and math and technology and engineering and, also, young women as well, getting pulled into that whole movie. It's npt just a thing for the guys, it's also for the young women, old women, anyone to just get into and contribute positively. To have that and for you to use it in your classroom, I'm super grateful. It's positive and it's good and it's a good thing."

For Don Cheadle, how did he prepare for Infinity War after Civil War's tragedy?

"What I think is really great about having something like this, in a way to anchor a lot of other things that are happening..." Cheadle said. "We always get to have these down notes in a good way. There's a lot of eye candy and dramatic things happening and a lot of big spectacular fights... but it always comes down to these characters and their personal journeys...when it comes to Rhodey, I'm glad this is something that hasn't been dropped...it comes into play in an important way, I'm not going to give it away."

What scene was most challenging for Hemsworth?

"It's all very difficult because of the directors and the people in it," Hemsworth joked. "The first day was what you see in the trailers, it was Thor meeting the Guardians. It felt like the first day at school for me because they all knew each other and I didn't... I had some weird butterflies floating around my body. They squeezed them out of me. Chris Pratt gave me a big hug and they all came out of my ears. That was a fun scene. It was great to have a whole new dynamic and set of people to interact with and move around with..."

For Kevin Feige, what did he use to ground these movies?

"It's the comics that we look at," Feige said. "IT starts with those comics and us beginning to rip pages out or rip copies of pages out, put them on the walls, and start to be inspired. Every movie we've made, up to and including Infinity War, there are moments and rarely but sometimes, actual lines of dialogue [from the comics]...There were so many threads we could have pulled from [for Infinity War]...and we kept going back...directly from Jim Starlin's work."

Scarlett Johannsen is asked about the fashion elements in Avengers: Infinity War...

"I don't know how to answer that questions," she laughed. "I wear a leather unitard for most of this film. I have been for the last ten years. So, if you think of any fashion elements that you would like to include, let us know. I have a new vest, so that was pretty exciting. I have a new hairstyle, as well. It's a little bit polarizing but it was a choice I made and I'm sticking by it."

Tom Holland is asked about the Iron Spider suit.

"I didn't actually get to wear the Iron Spider suit because it's too amazing to exist in real life so I joined Mark Ruffalo in the man-canceling suit," Holland said.

Chadwick Boseman is asked about how much of Avengers: Infinity War is Black Panther 1.5. He says it stand every much on its own while Wakanda plays a big part in the movie.

Does Mantis change and adapt to sarcasm at all?

"Maybe a little bit but she still has this child like way of thinking and she asks a lot of questions. It brings some comedy and these movies need some fun. They're really fun, too, but it needs a bit of innocence. I think she's gonna evolve a lit bit more in the next one but this one I think she's still kind of the same."

Who is Thanos most impressed with?

"Obviously I didn't do my job. Being a person of the color purple, and being naked on the set the whole time I was doing this in order to create a vibe of fear, I really thought that I scared everybody but apparently not."

Who is Thano's weakness? "Anthony Mackie!" "Everybody has their weakness and Anthony Mackie is Thanos' weakness, who is also naked on set, quite often."


"Snitches end up ditches," Bettany said. "We've been making these movies for a long time...We've all gone through real life stuff together. People have had children, people have gotten married, people have gotten divorced...I've never been on a set where people choose not to go back to their trailers and stay on set to make fun of each other."

For Pratt: seeing Earthlings for te first time in almost 30 years?

"It borders on might-be-best-for-you-see-it, so I'm gonna talk about bass fishing. April as you know is a big month. Ri

Dave Bautista is asked about Drax encountering Thanos and he can't say anything at all. "Drax has been wearing the same dirty-ass pants for movie after movie after movie," he said.

"We spent months and months and months talking about where we could go with each character, how we could draw them through the story," Russo said. "It was every long creative process that we went through... It was about the most fun creative exercise I've been through in my life." They dealt with a ton of characters, "99% of which didn't make it into this movie."

How will Winston Duke is asked how e can explain Wakanda getting destroyed after we just got it?

"As you know, I can't say anything, so great question, thanks for asking that one," Duke said. "I didn't read a script, I did not say anything, and Kevin is the room trying to set me up on my second movie!"

Mark Ruffalo is asked about his environmental efforts, followed by Elizabeth Olsen discussing her over for her co-stars.

Danai Gurira is asked about an all-female Marvel movie.

"I've heard the same rumors, also," Gurira said. "I've heard through the grape vine but no, I know no details on that. I was just thinking how excited I am about Brie Larson who is shooting Captain Marvel right now. That's gonna be a pretty awesome adventure...We're seeing more women take the helm in various realms. That is, not only about time, but it will make the world a better place, also. I'm looking forward to the future."

Who is Tom Hiddleston's favorite character in the MCU?"

"That's a really good question," Hiddleston said. "I'm not gonna pick anybody, actually."

"You could've just said your brother," Hemsworth said.

"I am astonished that I am still here," Hiddleston added. "Loki has fallen through a wormhole, faked his own death, and I never expected to be playing this part for so long. The great privilege that I've had is working with every single person on this stage. Working even with the gentleman moderator we have in our midst. They're all great. Every time it's like a different dance. Kevin, and everybody who works at Marvel, all the writers, the ... they create these characters with such precision...you're guaranteed to see that tomorrow night."


The last question is for Sebastian Stan. Will the Avengers accept Bucky?

"You definitely see shades of the old, so-to-speak, Bucky in the situation. The guy smiles finally. As far as accepted, I wouldn't necessarily go as far as saying that. He's just seeing where his allies are...Everything else is peachy."