Avengers Weekly Event Coming In 2018

The Avengers are about to become embroiled in a story so big it will have to be told on a weekly basis.

New promotional art sent to ComicBook.com reveals that January 2018 will be the kickoff for the "No Surrender" story beginning in Avengers #675. The story is being teased as "The Beginning of the End" and "A Weekly Epic."

Readers began scratching their heads when "Avengers #675" first appeared in Marvel's solicitations for December books as a poster. It looks like we now know what is coming at the start of the new year.

Here's a photo of the promotional artwork.

Avengers No Surrender

As you can see, the artwork, featured on the back of Marvel's lenticular variants, contains Avengers from both the core Avengers team – Thor and Vision – and the Unity Squad seen in Uncanny Avengers – Rogue, Quicksilver, and Beast. There's also another figure either covered in or composed of lightning that seems to be coalescing from Thor's Mjolnir and the Mjolnir in Thor Odinson's hand as part of the statue of the founding Avengers, which is seen in the background.

Interestingly, this statue also includes Voyager, a mysterious new character that seems to have somehow been inserted into the history of the Avengers. No further details on the character have been revealed at this time.

It's possible that Avengers will become a weekly series, but it seems more likely that this event will tie into other Avengers titles. The creators listed on the promotional art include Avengers writer Mark Waid, Uncanny Avengers writer Jim Zub, and USAvengers writer Al Ewing, as well as artists Pepe Larraz, Paco Medina, and Kim Jacinto.

This new storyline will come shortly after the "Worlds Collide" crossover between the Avengers and the Champions. What this will mean for the Avengers going forward remains to be seen.


When reached for comment, Marvel responded with "More will be revealed this week."

Stay tuned to ComicBook.com for more as this story develops.