Black Cat Just Stole SPOILER From SHIELD

When it comes to thieves in Marvel Comics, you'd be hard-pressed to find one better than Felicia Hardy, the Black Cat. There's very little she can't steal and in recent stories, she's even managed almost break into the Thieves Guild's vault, though there were some extenuating circumstances with that heist thanks to her mentor, Black Fox. However, in this last week's Black Cat #8, Felicia just pulled off her most daring heist yet and it's one that puts her in possession of a truly dangerous and surprising item.

Warning: spoilers for Black Cat #8 below!

As part of the King in Black storyline, Black Cat saw a vision of herself with the full power of the Infinity Gauntlet and it's that vision that, in a sense comes back around in Black Cat #8. With the assistance of Bruno and Doctor Korpse, Felicia is hired to steal something from a warehouse that, while secured, is no match for her experience and skills. She breaks into the warehouse and gets to a shipping container and is soon after confronted by Nick Fury as the container was in SHIELD custody but after a little bit of a fight, the Cat and her associates make off with their prize. That prize? It's none other than Ripley Ryan/Star who just so happens to also be fused with the Reality Stone.

black cat 8 star
(Photo: Marvel Comics)

At the moment, Star isn't directly an issue as she is unconscious when Felicia essentially abducts her, but there are a lot of questions to be asked her. First, how is Black Cat going to remove the Reality Stone from Star -- if that is something that Felicia is tasked to do -- and what will that do to Ripley. But the bigger question is what will Felicia do with the Reality Stone once she does have it? While Felicia has been hired for this score, she's also still processing what happened with Black Fox. Having the power of the Reality Stone might just be tempting enough to prompt Felicia into messing with things just enough to assuage her guilt at what she did to him by perhaps bringing him back, an act that could have major ramifications.

Of course, there are other Infinity Stones out there so it will be very interesting to see what Felicia's next heist is and where this all goes.


Black Cat #8 is available now.