Black Panther 2 Resumes Filming, Letitia Wright Returns To Set

Letitia Wright has returned to the set of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, months after an injury that halted production. The star, who plays Shuri in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, was injured on set in August. Initial reports were that the injuries were minor, and that production would resume without her until such time as she could continue. Eventually, production was stopped, with the implication at the time being they had shot everything they could without Wright, and needed to wait for her to recover before they could resume. At the time, it was said they would resume principal photography on the sequel after the holidays.

Per The BBC, Wright is described as having recovered from her injuries, and production in Atlanta began again today. Shuri, the sister of King T'Challa, is expected to play a more prominent role in Wakanda Forever, following the death of Chadwick Boseman, who played the title character in the first movie.

 "I think this movie has different sort of pressure on it, obviously, with the loss of Chadwick, which was unexpected and unprecedented in a way narratively, to figure out how to deal with," Marvel producer Nate Moore recently told ComicBook. "So beyond, 'Hey, we want to make a big, fun time,' and people of the first movie, it's how do we sort of do right by his legacy and tell a story that isn't exploitative, which we would never, ever do, but builds on the things that he loved about the property and builds on the things that he brought to the property in a way that is enjoyable, feels real, feels earned, feels organic. Because I think we're going to see the movie in two lenses, pure entertainment, but also cathartic. And we have to be conscious of both of those lenses as we're making it."

Moore added, "I mean, I would be lying if I didn't want people to be most excited about Black Panther 2, just because that's what I'm thinking about 24 hours a day. But no, but I think everything is becoming more different. And that's something we talk a lot about. And again, for better or for worse what Eternals is doing, is showing you that we can do different kinds of things. Because we're quite aware of how much stuff we make. We're super aware of the movies we've made in the past. For us, as we go forward, it's how do we make Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness different from Thor: Love and Thunder, different from Wakanda Forever, different from The Marvels, different from Ms. Marvel, different from Hawkeye. There is a lot of stuff."

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is expected in theaters on November 11.