'Black Panther': Incredible Suit Featurette Released

The Black Panther suit is quite impressive from a visual standpoint, but wait until you see all [...]

The Black Panther suit is quite impressive from a visual standpoint, but wait until you see all that it can do.

The Black Panther costume gets the spotlight in Marvel's new Incredible Suit trailer, which gives stars Chadwick Boseman and Letitia Wright a chance to go over how formidable the suit really is. First up is the fabric which is made out of the rare metal Vibranium. That pretty much makes it indestructible while also not limiting the movement of the wearer like traditional armor would.

Next up is the suit's kinetic energy absorption. That means it can absorb just about any type of energy and redirect it, causing a huge impact against whatever is in Black Panther's way. If you need an example, just watch the trailer, as an SUV gets completely flipped thanks to that blast of energy from his suit.

If he needs to get a bit more up close to his prey, he can rely on his lethal claws, which are also made out of Vibranium. That means they can cut through just about anything, including that SUV's tire that he completely punctures during a high-speed chase.

Shuri can't stop reveling in how amazing the suit came out, as she's the one who created it for T'Challa. She also happened to add one more thing before it was completed, and it just might be its coolest trick. When T'Challa no longer needs the suit, it will fold up into his necklace, making it insanely easy to hop into action at a moment's notice.

Not bad right? Bet you wish you had a suit that could do all that. Before you start creating the blueprints you can check out the full Black Panther costume in the video above.

Early trailers suggest that there will be even more amazing technology in the film. Wakanda has implemented Vibranium into just about everything, from defense systems and armor to transportation and weapons. Those weapons include Shuri's Panther Gauntlets, which she will use throughout the movie.

It seems we really haven't seen anything yet, but you can find out everything we know so far here.

Black Panther hits theaters on February 16.