Black Panther's Suit Upgrades Are Black Widow's Fault

In the time between Captain America: Civil War and Black Panther, Shuri upgraded the suit T'Challa wore not only as Wakanda's king but as their warrior. The upgrade is revealed in a sequence where T'Challa's little sister runs her through some of the technology she will be providing him with for a mission: it can capture kinetic energy, harnessing it to be released later. Thanks to a new MCU-canon book called The Wakanda Files, the reason for the suit upgrade has been revealed. T'Challa was anything but happy about his encounter with Black Widow on the runway in Captain America: Civil War.

"Brother has mentioned on many occasions how he felt foolish that the Black widow's projectile bites were able to keep him from pursuing Rogers at the Berlin airport," Shuri reveals in a log in The Wakanda Files. "The new nanotechnology and kinetic disbursement in his suit should prevent a repeat issue."

Shuri also wrote a letter to T'Challa in response to his concerns about his suit being bested by Black Widow's weaponry.

"Your highness, we have evaluated the technology encountered in Berlin which was employed by the Black Widow," Shuri wrote. "Our findings conclude effects and recovery time are quite similar if not identical to a standard issue law enforcement stun gun." In T'Challa's encounter with Natasha, the "minimum settings were engaged." This seem to indicate that Natasha truly did not want to harm T'Challa but only prevent him from stopping Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes from flying away.

"Should the highest setting of thee devices be engaged and a prolonged exposure to high amperage current in experienced, side-effects could include permanent nerve damage, third-degree subdermal burns, loss of vision, even death," Shuri notes. Clearly, a very calculated move by Natasha not to unleash the full force of her "bites" on the Black Panther.


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The Wakanda Files book is available now.