Captain America Actress Arrested For Allegedly Killing Her Mom

Mollie Fitzgerald, 38, an actress whose screen credits include Marvel's Captain America: The First Avenger, has been arrested facing an the accusation that she fatally stabbed her own mother. Fitzgerald was arrested in Olathe, Kansas on New Year's Eve, on charges of second-degree murder. She's being held on $500K bond, with the Kansas City Star reporting that it's not clear if she has an attorney that can speak on her behalf. The victim in question is Patricia "Tee" Fitzgerald (68) the mother of the accused, who was found dead in her home in Olathe, Kansas, on December 20th.

If you are wondering which Marvel Cinematic Universe character Mollie Fitzgerald played, you're not wrong for doing so. She was billed as "Stark Girl" in Captain America: The First Avenger, which presumably means she was in a bit role as one of Howard Stark's (Dominic Cooper) female companions in the WWII era of the MCU. If we had to guess, Fitzgerald is most likely one of the stage girls that introduce Howard Stark at the 1943 Star Expo, the night before Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan) ships out for the war. Reviewing clips from the film, it's unclear if Fitzgerald would be one of the background girls, or the one that Howard Stark strolls on stage and lays a big kiss on.

Obviously, calling a Mollie Fitzgerald a "Marvel Cinematic Universe star" is an egregious stretch of reality. However, the fact that (despite a very short and uneventful filmography) she can be attached to the MCU at all will generate headlines (like the one above).

According to THR, Patricia Fitzgerald was in the process of moving back to Kansas, having spend the last several decades in the Houston, Texas area (according to her brother Gary Hunziker). She originally hailed from Missouri, where she studied physical therapy at the University of Missouri, before moving to Kansas, then Texas, where her husband was part of a law firm.

In a statement, Patricia's brother Gary expressed the family's grief over the loss, without addressing the truly horrific fact that this is likely a dark and violent case of matricide:


"We were shocked," Hunziker said. "It doesn't matter the circumstances — the loss of a sister is what it's all about."

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