Captain America Has His Own Barbell Plates

Looking like Chris Evans' Captain America is not an easy feat, but fitness equipment creator Onnit [...]

Cap Barbells
(Photo: Onnit)

Looking like Chris Evans' Captain Americais not an easy feat, but fitness equipment creator Onnit wants to help you get there in proper style.

The company has introduced a new Marvel-themed series of training equipment called The Hero Elite Series. The new line will launch this summer and they've since debuted the first offering on their Twitter account, with the caption: "#teamcap #xgames @Marvel"

As you can see, the new Captain America Barbell Plates are pretty snazzy. The Cap-themed barbells are made of urethane and are available in 25, 35, and 45-pound increments. Since #TeamCap is well represented here, I imagine it won't be long until we get a #TeamIronMan offering to go alongside it. Maybe it will be a weight vest made to resemble Tony Stark's armor or a Kettlebell with a glowing arc reactor on it. Okay, sign me up for that last one if it happens. As for the Cap barbells, there is no word on price just yet.

In addition to fitness equipment, Onnit provides supplements and foods to help people achieve what they call Total Human Optimization, and you can peruse their entire catalog here.

Oh! Got another idea. Infinity Gauntlet Weight Gloves! Right? I know, I'm a goldmine of ideas, and you wouldn't have to worry about them falling apart in the oven.