Marvel Confirms the Future Captain America Is a Woman

The Super Soldier serum which turned Steve Rogers into Captain Americahas worked wonders on the Marvel hero. Everything about his physical abilities was enhanced and the rate at which he ages was slowed. However, the day will come when not even the serum can prevent Steve Rogers from reaching an age at which his body stops functioning and he dies, inevitably passing the mantle of Captain America on to someone else. While the movies seem to be dishing that mantle over to Anthony Mackie's Sam Wilson (something which will be explored in the Disney+ The Falcon and The Winter Soldier series), the comics are taking a look at the end of the century and passing the mantle on to a woman named Roberta Mendez.

The 80th anniversary of Marvel Comics called for a look 80 years into the future, a setting not entirely unfamiliar to Marvel fans. Marvel 2099 kicked off with Spider-Man 2099, sending Miguel O'Hara back to the present day in the Marvel Universe, where he confirmed the new identity of Captain America to be Mendez. Mendez and the future heroes might need some help in their period of chaos as O'Hara only returned to what is the past for him and his gang of heroes to try to recruit some help.

As the Marvel 2099 event rolls on, the reason for O'Hara's visit will unfold and it's possible some present day heroes visit the future to help out. For now, we can take a look at Mendez as the future's Captain America in images from The Amazing Spider-Man #34.

(Photo: Amazing Spider-Man #34 / Marvel Comics)

It is assumed that this future timeline is that of the main Earth-616 world in which the main Marvel Universe exists. It is not the first time a woman has been Captain America in a Marvel comic, however, it would be the first time in the Earth-616 universe. Previously, Danielle Cage became future Captain America on Earth-15061. Previously, the 2099 timeline in Marvel Comics was labeled as taking place on Earth-23291 but Nick Lowe's comments about this being the "future of the Marvel Universe" seems to indicate that the events of present day Earth-616 might lead to this future.

Then again, timelines and alternate universes always have a way of changing, so it's possible that the 2099 event could lead to the future being changed or something else could come along which might alter the future in another way.

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Amazing Spider-Man #34 is available in comic book shops on Wednesday.