The Boys Star Chace Crawford Reveals Why He Wasn't Allowed to Screen Test for Captain America

Although he plays a horrible person who masquerades as a commercial hero on Amazon's hit series The Boys, actor Chace Crawford almost had a shot at playing the most upstanding and moral hero we've ever had on screen. Like many other young actors around 2010, Crawford was considered for the role of Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He even got an offer for a screen test but wasn't actually allowed to go through with it, leaving him wondering what could have been.

On a recent episode of Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, a fan sent in a question about Crawford's reported audition for Captain America. The actor confirmed that he was given a screen test for the part but was told he had to turn it down because of his ongoing work on Gossip Girl in New York City.

"I did have a screen test for that back in the day but they actually didn't let me do it because they realized I was on a show in New York for nine months of the year," Crawford said. "I got a screen test deal. A buddy of mine told me he went in there and they had a suit made with my name on it, the whole thing. Yeah after nine films I'm thinking, 'Man, I would've loved a shot at that.'"

After more than a decade of the MCU, it seems hard to imagine anyone but Chris Evans in the role of Captain America. Chace Crawford, Jensen Ackles, John Krasinski were all considered for the role at one point or another, though it was ultimately Evans who was given the offer. Who knows if Crawford could've made more of an impact if he was allowed to go through with his screen test. Unfortunately, we'll never know.

Now, Crawford stars on Amazon's The Boys as the "hero" known as The Deep, who is known to the public as a face of change and triumph, but beneath the curtain is actually pretty terrible. It's a role much different than Captain America, that's for sure.


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