Captain America's Chris Evans Takes On 22 Pushup Challenge

Yet again, Chris Evans has proved why he's the closest thing we'll ever get to Captain Americain real life. The actor just posted a video to Twitter which shows him supporting veterans and taking on the '22 Push-up Challenge.'

Evans uploaded a video yesterday alongside a message which reads, "Thank you to all the men and women who serve this country #22PushupChallenge @Renner4Real @AnthonyMackie." The actor then went on to introduce himself in the video - as if he really needed to - and explained what the challenge was all about.

He greeted fans, saying, "Hi, I'm Chris Evans, and I'm doing the '22 Push-Ups Challenge.' I was challenged by John Krasinski. This is to raise awareness for veteran's suicide prevention and all the men and women who have served our country and are struggling with PTSD. And, specifically, the 22 veterans who commit suicide a day."

Evans told his followers he hadn't known about the severity of this issue. "I didn't know this - I didn't know this was happening at that rate," he explained. "That's why these challenges are good because [they] certainly raise an awareness and shines a light on issues that need to be addressed."

The actor went on to bang out the push-ups like only Steve Rogers could. However, Evans did run into a few issues when his adorable pup interrupts the actor's reps with a shower of kisses. But, as Evans is a pro, he recovers quickly and manages to complete the challenge.


"Was that 22? I think that was 22. I haven't worked out in awhile," Evans joked. The actor then signed off by nominating Jeremy Renner and Anthony Mackie to do the charitable challenge.

If you're interested in following Evans' step and taking on the challenge, all you need to do is upload a video of yourself doing 22 push-ups online. The organization who started the campaign has been tracking the number of push-ups done in veterans' honor. So far, over 7 million push-ups have been completed since the movement started and brought the campaign closer to its goal of 22 million push-ups total.