'Captain Marvel': Is Goose Really An Alien?

One of the bigger questions going into Captain Marvel had to do with Goose the Cat, and whether he [...]

One of the bigger questions going into Captain Marvel had to do with Goose the Cat, and whether he would be an alien Flerken like his comics sister. Well, we've finally got our answer.

Spoilers incoming for Captain Marvel, so if you haven't seen the movie yet you've been warned.

We meet Goose during Carol Danvers and Nick Fury's visit to a Pegasus facility, and he eventually stows away on their ship during their escape. He becomes quick friends with Carol and Fury (especially Fury), and when Talos meets the cat at Maria's house he turns another shade of green, telling them that this is not a cat. He calls it a Flerken, but it isn't until later that we see what Goose can really do.

During the later confrontation between that takes place on Mar-Vell's ship, the Kree scanners identify Goose as a Flerken, and so they muzzle him and put him in a container to keep him from hurting them. Eventually, though he gets free thanks to the ship's grid faltering. While Carol keeps most of the Kree team at bay Fury and Maria try and get the Skrulls to safety, with Goose along for the ride. They need to transport the Tesseract though as well and Fury doesn't feel comfortable just carrying it. Goose solves that problem by opening his mouth wide and out come a host of tendrils and tentacles, swallowing the Tesseract whole and storing it in one of his handy pocket universes.

Yep, it's Flerken time.

The crew is stunned at what they just saw, but they have to get moving, and eventually, they run into more guards. They're surrounded but Goose comes to the rescue again and takes out the entire hallway of guards with his tendrils and gnarly teeth, either eviscerating them or...you know, swallowing them.

So yeah, Goose is a Flerken just like Chewie was, and it was awesome.

If you're a fan of the comics, you'll absolutely love what they did here, and we have our fingers crossed that we'll get to see the little guy in Avengers: Endgame too.

What did you think of Goose's Flerken debut? Let us know in the comments or hit me up at @MattMuellerCB!


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