'Captain Marvel' Star Brie Larson Clarifies Comments About "More Inclusion"

Many people are excited about the next installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with Brie Larson's big debut coming up in Captain Marvel. Well, almost everyone is excited. It all boils down to Larson making comments about the press tour for Captain Marvel being "more inclusive," as she told Marie Claire.

There are a few cranky people on the Internet who get paid to be cranky on the Internet through YouTube revenue or Patreon accounts funded by other cranky people on the Internet, and they aren't happy about this movie. Basically, Larson wanted the critics and journalists to come from more diverse backgrounds, hoping to speak to more disabled writers, women of color, and other people who don't get as many opportunities.

"I want to go out of my way to connect the dots," Larson said. "It just took me using the power that I've been given now as Captain Marvel. [The role] comes with all these privileges and powers that make me feel uncomfortable because I don't really need them…It's a by-product of the profession and a sign of the times. But any uncomfortableness I feel is balanced by the knowledge that it gives me the ability to advocate for myself and others."

Of course, the aforementioned cranky people on the Internet jumped to conclusions, thanks to some misleading and clickbaity headlines, and assumed Larson was attacking straight white men for their coverage of her movie. You can search YouTube for the videos, you won't find any shortage of people being mad online. Or you can check out Brie Larson's interview with FOX 5 in DC, where she was asked to clarify these comments.

"What I'm looking for is to bring more seats up to the table. No one is getting their chair taken away. There's not less seats at the table, there's just more seats at the table," Larson explained.

It's amazing that people continue to get confused and riled up over things as innocuous as Larson asking for more inclusivity for the coverage of her huge movie, or people getting mad at Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy wearing a T-shirt that says "The Force Is Female," but here we are.

Either way, Captain Marvel is set to premiere in theaters on March 8th, and it's currently on track to sell a lot of tickets despite the protests of angry YouTubers and their supporters. Go figure.



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