Charlie Cox Endorses "Save Daredevil" Campaign

Ever since the cancellation of Daredevil late last year, fans have banded together to form the #SaveDaredevil cause. The movement gained serious momentum last week when Daredevil star Vincent D'Onofrio started pushing the cause.

Now, #SaveDaredevil fans have another huge voice behind their movement. In a panel earlier this afternoon at ACE Comic Con, Charlie Cox — the actor behind Matt Murdock/Daredevil — officially endorsed the online cause.

"I found out the other day there's this petition, #SaveDarevil," Cox mentioned in his panel. "You can sign it. Sign it!"

As of this writing, the petition to save the show from complete cancellation has reached over 150,000 signatures. Launched weeks ago by Joseph Garcia, the petition aims at getting notice from Disney+ or some other streaming platform.

"As dedicated fans and savvy consumers of genre entertainment, we are convinced that Marvel’s Daredevil has great value, and, as dedicated consumers, we represent value to any media outlet that might want to continue the journey for these characters and their cast," the petition reads. "Our wishes are that Marvel Television, and its parent company Disney, reach a deal with Netflix that allows the show, in its current format and with its current cast and crew, to continue on a different platform as soon as possible."

Cox previously spoke to Entertainment Weekly, admitting he was just as surprised as everyone else when the show was canceled.

"A lot of us really expected to keep going, and I certainly did," Cox said to Entertainment Weekly. "The truth is, I felt like we had a lot of stories to tell, and although I understand [the cancellation], I’m very saddened by that.

"It’s just how business works," Cox continued. "But also, these characters mean a lot to people. It’s weird to think there’s a chance I won’t be playing Matt Murdock ever again. That’s a bizarre feeling, because that character has been such a huge part of my life for the last four and a half years... I loved it. It’s been just the most incredible job for me. It’s so fun to do. You get to do all the acting obviously, which is great, but then there’s also this really fun physical aspect to it with all the stunts and the fight choreograph."


Are you one of those pushing the #SaveDaredevil movement forward? Let us know whether you think the show can carry on elsewhere in the comments below.

All three seasons of Daredevil are now available to stream on Netflix.