Charlie Cox Thinks Ben Affleck's Performance as Daredevil Was Fantastic

It's easy to bash Ben Affleck's Daredevil. Fans and critics alike were disappointed by the 2003 [...]

It's easy to bash Ben Affleck's Daredevil. Fans and critics alike were disappointed by the 2003 film, but when it comes to Affleck's actual performance as the titular character star of Netflix's Daredevil Charlie Cox has no problem admitting he's a fan.

Cox appeared at the Comicpalooza convention this weekend where he answered fan questions at a panel and among those questions was one about who he thought was the better Daredevil, himself or Affleck. While it was a question that Cox has gotten a number of times, he revealed that he borrowed quite a bit from Affleck's take.

"Personally, I think... I'm just laughing because I get asked this a lot and sadly I'm going to say the same thing that I've said before," Cox said. "I happen to think Ben Affleck's performance as Daredevil is fantastic. I really like his Matt Murdock... I stole a lot of stuff."

However, while Cox did learn a lot from Affleck's performance that doesn't mean he's a fan of the film. One of the major complaints about 2003's Daredevil was that the film's tone didn't match well with the overall tone of the character's stories in comic books and that's something that Cox himself acknowledged.

"So, I think he does a really good job," Cox said. "I don't like the film. The original Daredevil film I don't think that worked particularly well and the reason I don't think it worked particularly well is that what we discovered with the show is that the tone of the character suits a slightly darker, more sinister feel. In my opinion the best Daredevil comics are the ones that are geared towards a slightly more mature audience and I think that what the show captures is that level of sinister, dark tone, I guess. But I like Ben Affleck's Matt Murdock."

That darker, grittier tone is something that fans of Netflix's Daredevil can look forward to in the Marvel Cinematic Universe television series' upcoming third season. While Thanos' devastating finger snap won't factor into the story, the fight for Hell's Kitchen will heat up in a different way. Vincent D'Onofrio is returning as Wilson Fisk in the new season. Fisk was the primary antagonist for Matt Murdock in the show's first season but made only brief appearances in the second. Recently, though D'Onofrio shared on social media that he had wrapped his filming for season three, teasing that major things were coming.

"I wrapped on DD last night," D'Onofrio wrote. "What we have coming for you is really something."

Before Daredevil Season Three, Marvel's Luke Cage will be released on June 22nd on Netflix. Other upcoming Marvel and Netflix projects include Iron Fist Season Two, The Punisher Season Two, and Jessica Jones Season Three.