Chris Hemsworth to Read Childrens' Bedtime Story About Bear Afraid of Thunder on CBeebies

Chris Hemsworth is set to read a children's bedtime story on CBeebies. The Thor: Love and Thunder star will be highlighting Stormy Night by Salina Yoon. BBC announced the episode of Bedtime Stories this week. In the book, a little bear is frightened by rain and thunder. He learns to face his fears along the way. Hiring Hemsworth to present this book is a cheeky choice by the network. Stuntcasting celebrities has become very common on Bedtime Stories. All sorts of actors and entertainers present fun tales for the younger viewers with a connection to the work they're most known for. Thor's on-screen brother Tom Hiddleston recently read a superhero story on the program. People noted how much he relished voicing the villain in this one. If you're looking forward to hearing Hemsworth read Stormy Night, you can check it out on CBeebies and BBC's iPlayer on Friday July 8 at 6:50 PM. 

Chris said, "I love nothing more than reading bedtime stories to my children and it was a joy to get to read Stormy Night, a story about a little bear who is scared of storms. Even though I know a thing or two about thunder and lightning, I always feel better when the storm passes."

(Photo: CBeebies/BBC)

Here's a short synopsis for Stormy Night: "When thunder shakes his house and rain pounds the windows, Bear is frightened. But comforting his Mama, Papa, and Floppy helps make the storm seem not so scary. Before Bear knows it, the storm has passed, because even storms need their sleep . . . and so do bears. Prolific author/illustrator Salina Yoon's spare text and bright, energetic illustrations bring to life a story that reminds us that nothing is too scary with family and friends at your side!"

BBC gives fans the read on CBeebies right here: "CBeebies is a pre-school brand by the BBC for children aged six years and under that provides a range of pre-school programming designed to encourage learning through play in a consistently safe environment. CBeebies offers high-quality programming 100% in Spanish, produced by experts in pre-school education to educate and entertain BBC's youngest audience. With its bright colors, friendly characters and interactive content, CBeebies provides a co-viewing experience that the entire family can enjoy."


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