Cloak and Dagger: Luke Cage Inspires Ty and Solomon in Exclusive New Clip

The Marvel roots run deep in Cloak & Dagger, particularly when it comes to the characters from [...]

The Marvel roots run deep in Cloak & Dagger, particularly when it comes to the characters from Harlem. In Season One of the popular series, it was revealed that Brigid O'Reilly used to work with Misty Knight, and O'Reilly was later mentioned by Misty during an episode of Luke Cage. This week's new episode of Cloak & Dagger, titled "Blue Note," once again connects the world of Tandy and Tyrone, with the Power Man sort of making an appearance.

In the exclusive clip above, Tyrone approaches a young character named Solomon, who he had run-ins with earlier in the season. Solomon has been caught up with a gang for quite a while, but it was Tyrone who saved his life during a raid on their compound a few episodes ago. Ever since, Tyrone has seen Solomon has someone he can help get out of a life of crime. As we learn in the clip, Solomon has another hero he's always looked up to.

When the duo are talking in the diner, Tyrone notices the newspaper sitting in front of Solomon. Luke Cage, as portrayed by Mike Colter on the now-cancelled Netflix series, is on the front page of the paper, having saved Harlem once again. Tyrone takes the connection even further, mentioning the character by name.

"Luke Cage, huh? I've heard about him," Ty tells his young friend.

Solomon replies by saying, "I've heard he's bulletproof. And he's just like us, you know?" Luke Cage is such a hero to the young people in the Marvel Universe, particularly those of color. He's just a guy from Harlem who still lives in his old neighborhood, but he was given a gift that allowed him to protect those who needed it. Luke Cage is a hero to many, including Solomon, and there's a good chance he'll be an influence for Tyrone going forward.

There's no telling if Colter will ever actually appear on Cloak & Dagger, given the issues between Marvel and Netflix, but his spirit is clearly influencing the actions of the young heroes in New Orleans.

New episodes of Cloak & Dagger air on Thursdsay nights at 8 pm ET on Freeform.