'Daredevil' Season 3 Is a "Return to Form"

When Daredevil kicked off the Netflix corner of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it was a refreshingly dark take on the superhero genre that earned tons of fans for his heavy themes and visceral violence. Season Two wasn't as highly regarded, though it does deserve recognition for introducing the cold-blooded killers Elektra and the Punisher into the world.

But fans should expect Season Three to be more in line with the first season, and it's looking to be another fan-favorite installment for Marvel Television, according to Netflix VP of Original Content Cindy Holland.

The exec made her thoughts known when speaking about why Daredevil Season Three does not yet have a release date, pointing to the production of crossover series The Defenders.

"The biggest issue was the timing of production and launching of The Defenders because what that meant is we had to shut down all of the shows, so all the actors be available for The Defenders so it's more function of that," Holland said to Deadline. "There is no problem with this season, I think it's fantastic, it's real return to form in my view."

It's well known that Season Three will pick up after the events of Defenders, with Matt Murdock thought to be dead in an explosion — though he's being nursed back to recovery by a nun who happens to be his mother.

The Devil of Hell's Kitchen will also have to contend with the Kingpin, as Wilson Fisk makes his return to the series after a brief cameo in the show's second season. It's not known if he will be the main villain, or if he'll make another brief appearance, but based on where things left in Daredevil Season Two, he might have an idea of the truth behind Matt Murdock's vigilante alter ego...

Charlie Cox, who plays Daredevil, recently spoke about sharing scenes with Kingpin actor Vincent D'Onofrio and praised his abilities when they're on camera.


"Vincent D'Onofrio is a tour de force, huh? I don't know if could say enough good things about him," Cox said to Collider. "What's great about Vincent — I always think of the scenes I have with him as requiring very little acting on my part. Because he's so scary as Wilson Fisk, and he's so big, I just know if I learn my lines, when I say them, it's likely to work. Because so much of the acting is done for you just because of what he brings for you to a scene."

Hopefully fans will learn more about Daredevil Season Three soon, with the series rumored to premiere later in 2018.