Dave Bautista Endorses Chris Hemsworth For Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3

One of the most entertaining parts of Avengers: Infinity War was the interactions between Thor and [...]

One of the most entertaining parts of Avengers: Infinity War was the interactions between Thor and the Guardians of the Galaxy, especially in regards to Thor and Star-Lord. While Thor went through quite a bit (as did the Guardians) in Avengers: Endgame, fans got a hint glimpse of what a Thor and Guardians adventure could look like, and they loved it. They aren't the only ones who love the idea of Thor joining the crew for a film or two, as Drax actor Dave Bautista also recently threw his support behind the idea.

"Yeah! Absolutely," Bautista told THR. "If we can all do Infinity War and Endgame together… It was a who's who there, and there were no issues. It was pretty amazing to see. That's a trickle-down thing. That comes from the top. Marvel set the tone for an environment, and that's what the environment is. I think they take all those things into consideration when people are being hired, and it was incredible to see a who's who of Hollywood, all interacting together in a very pleasant atmosphere. There were no egos; there was no ego-clashing or attitude. If there was, I didn't witness it. I think Chris Hemsworth is a great guy; he's a fun-loving Aussie. He is what you'd expect him to be. He's very funny, pleasant and upbeat. He's very social, so I think that would be a perfect fit to be honest with you. I think Hemsworth is hysterical."

Fans are hopeful that Hemsworth will return to the character in some form or another, whether that means another proper Thor sequel or in a sizable role in something like Guardians. If a Thor sequel did happen, fans would want a reteaming of Hemsworth with Thor: Ragnarok director Taika Waititi, though if we only got Hemsworth in the Guardians franchise a James Gunn Hemsworth team-up is far from a bad thing.

We can't wait to see how Guardians Vol. 3 comes together, especially now that the film has its director back in Gunn. As to what the film will revolve around, we're guessing by the end of Endgame that it will in some way involve the search for Gamora. In Endgame the original Gamora is not brought back, as she was killed by Thanos separately from the snap, but we do get a previous version of Gamora alive and well in the universe. The only problem is she has no memory or ties to the Guardians yet, but Star-Lord and the rest of the team aren't ready to give up on their friend, whether she feels the same way or not.