An X-Man Just Got a Crazy New Look

The "Dawn of X" was billed as having a game-changing impact on the X-Men characters, and it's safe to say that it's already delivered on that promise. The changes have ranged from massive world-building revelations to smaller details and Marauders as been no exception. The latest issue of the series provided more context surrounding the series' ragtag ensemble -- including a pretty drastic and unique change for one of the team's members. Spoilers for this week's issue of Marauders #2 below! Only look if you want to know!

The issue saw the team fighting off Baltroc and a group of criminals, who had intercepted a ship full of medication that was supposed to be sent to a poor African country. The team eventually got the upper hand and found themselves meeting up with Bishop in Taipei. Bishop quickly informed them that Xavier had been killed by assassins on Krakoa, which the team quickly had an array of reactions to. Kate Pride immediately took them to a nearby tattoo shop, to give them a place to hunker down for a few hours. As Bishop, Storm, and Iceman all decided against tattoos, Kate got a series of knuckle tats, which had previously been showcased in the series' covers. Pyro, however, took things a step further and got a gigantic black skull tattooed on his face.

marauders 2 pyro face tattoo 1
(Photo: Marvel Comics)
marauders 2 pyro face tattoo 2
(Photo: Marvel Comics)

There's certainly a lot to process about Pyro's face tattoo (including the fact that it mirrors the skull in the Marauders logo). There is something kinda macabre about it happening so soon after learning of Xavier's death, but given that Pyro has been recently resurrected himself, that kind of makes sense. It's clear that Pyro has a (literal) new lease on life in the pages of Marauders, and getting this tattoo appears to be the latest example of that.

Given the way that immortality works in Krakoa, this raises the question of whether or not tattoos carry over when a being is resurrected. Whether or not it is, the very fact that Pyro got it certainly makes him an even more memorable character (and probably creates a headache for potential Pyro cosplayers).

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Marauders #2 is available in stores now. Issue #3 will be released on December 4th.