'Deadpool 2': Colossus Actor Comments on Rumored 'Kitty Pryde' Movie

Despite a looming acquisition by Disney in the near future, 20th Century Fox is moving forward with cinematic plans for the X-Men franchise, including a possible movie focused on Kitty Pryde.

Given the character's longstanding relationship with Colossus in the comics, and the metallic mutant's presence in the Deadpool franchise, it makes sense that the X-Man would appear in a movie focused on Shadowcat. Actor Stefan Kapičić expressed his desire to appear in the film, reprising his role as Colossus from Deadpool 2.

"I would love, of course, Colossus to see Kitty Pryde in this version and of course I would love to see Colossus and Illyana, Magik, his sister, together in one of the future [movies]," Kapičić said to Charlie Ridgely at the ComicBook.com studio during San Diego Comic-Con. "That's played by Anya-Taylor Joy [in The New Mutants], and I'm really a huge fan of her work. I think she's perfect for playing Colossus' sister."

Going back to the Kitty Pryde movie, Kapičić expressed the utmost confident in Tim Miller, who previously handled the actor's debut in the X-Men universe.

"We'll see, that's just a project that's, as I know, it's in development. I love [Deadpool director] Tim Miller and I love how this guy works, so whatever he touches it becomes really amazing," said Kapičić. "He's working on Terminator right now, so I believe it's going to be an amazing Terminator. Then again, I trust Tim. Whatever he decides to do regarding that with the X-Men franchise, I think that's going to be a great success. And it depends on the storyline, but Kitty Pryde without Colossus... it's tough. I think there's a huge possibility you're going to see Colossus and Kitty Pryde."

Colossus and Kitty Pryde have long had a tumultuous relationship in the comic books, hooking up and breaking up multiple times throughout the last three decades. They most recently seemed to be getting back on track, after brief trysts with Domino and Star-Lord respectively, and were advertised by Marvel Comics as tying the knot.

Kitty ended up getting cold feet and backing out at the last second, though the gathering of their closest friends and family did not go to waste; Rogue and Gambit ended up getting married instead.


We'll see what happens with Miller's Kitty Pryde project, which he's working on with former Marvel Comics writer Brian Michael Bendis. It all seems to depend on whatever Disney decides to do with the X-Men properties once the purchase of Fox goes through.