Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool 2 Costume Still Has No Fly

Deadpool 2 opens May 18. It is a known period of time from this writing to the films debut. For star of the film, Ryan Reynolds, there is also another known period of time associated with the movie: 20 minutes.

The time it takes him to 'find his penis' when it is time for a bathroom break.

In an interview with EW.com, he said that barely anything had changed to his costume from the first film to the second, including the lack of a zipper.

"It was like a soft system update," Reynolds told the site. "You know, when it's like your phone gives you an update, but it's only like [the] font or something. It's not going to give you some awesome thing. It was kind of that. My shin guards are shinier. I mean f--k, who cares. Nothing that allowed me to find my penis within 20 minutes when I had to pee. No, nothing like that. God forbid we should just put a normal f--king zipper in it."

Reynolds has been the driving force behind the franchise, now on its second movie, after he pushed hard for the first to be made. The success of the initial film -- a nearly $800 million box office run -- has set expectations high for the second.

20th Century Fox revealed at its CinemaCon panel in late April that Deadpool 2 is currently tracking to open to around $150 million, which would better its previous opening weekend, a wildly unexpected $132 million.

The film has already broken advance ticket sale records for Regal Cinemas, doubling the previous 24-hour high in just four hours.

"We are on the edge of our seats to see what Ryan Reynolds and his team have planned for Deadpool 2. With the 24-hour advance ticket record shattered, moviegoers seem just as excited as we are to see our favorite anti-hero back on the big screen." said Ken Thewes, Chief Marketing Officer at Regal. "With tickets now on sale, we will continue to add seats to accommodate the demand."

In the same interview with EW, Reynolds said that where the first film was a love story that pretended to be a superhero movie this second installment will be more of a family flick, that also features a superhero. Albeit a foul-mouth, third-wall-breaking, unkillable superhero.

Deadpool will team with Domino and an amassed group of otherwise second-tier heroes to form X-Force in a mission to keep Cable from capturing 'The Kid', who many believe will prove to be Firefirst.

The full Deadpool 2 trailer, in all of its ridiculous glory, is in the video at the top of the page! Tickets for the film are now on sale; so you can grab them for opening weekend two weeks in advance.