'Deadpool 2' Covers 'Good Housekeeping'

The holiday season is really just getting underway, but it wouldn't be a true celebration without Deadpool appearing in some unexpected places.

You can count one of those as Good Housekeeping, as the merc with a mouth dons the cover of the latest issue. Don't expect to see this on newsstands though, as street teams have been sent out to hand deliver the issue. They are starting to pop up in various cities, and as you can see from the scan below, the fan-favorite mercenary is ringing in the holiday festivities in style

Deadpool can be seen wearing a Christmas apron, complete with plastered on Christmas tree and mistletoe. He's holding a full turkey with Santa Claus mitts, right next to the tagline "How to be a holiday supper hero". It wouldn't be Deadpool without some raunchy humor, which is well represented on the cover with lines like "You'll go crazy for D's nuts", "Turkey Tips - giving your family the bird", and "Come for the gifts stay for the package".

You can view the full cover in the image below.

(Photo: Good Housekeeping)

This kind of thing can only make Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld proud. While he isn't featured here, he did recently reveal what fans can expect from Deadpool 2, comparing it to another classic comedy.


"He's such a great actor, that's where it starts, and gravitas, and who else really is going to hold their ground with Ryan as Wade/Deadpool. That is energy unbridled, and so you've gotta hold your ground. When I see the two of them I'm like "It's going to be comic book's equivalent to Rush Hour, and I don't know if comic fans are ready for it. I think it's going to be great."

Deadpool 2 hits theaters on June 2, 2018.

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