'Deadpool 2': SDCC Hall H Panel Recap

This panel, surprisingly, started on time in Hall H. The San Diego Comic-Con room was full for [...]

This panel, surprisingly, started on time in Hall H. The San Diego Comic-Con room was full for Deadpool 2.

Hosted by Karan Soni AKA Dopinder, who quickly welcomed director David Leitch, stars Briana Hildebrand, Stefan Kapičić, Zazie Beetz, and Ryan Reynolds, as well as writers Paul Wernick, and Rhett Reese.

Question for Ryan: The last time you were here was barely a movie… how you feeling?

Ryan: "This is the most you've ever talked to me. I think we Thelma and Louise'd the hell out of this thing. I haven't been here since Deadpool 1, when we didn't have much to show you and it was the pinnacle of my career. We are here today because of you all screamed kicked and yelled on the Internet. We are here now because of, well, corporate greed. I never thought we would have Deadpool 1 let along Deadpool 2.

Question for Ryan: What goes into the final cut?

Ryan: "It is by committee… everyone has a say, obviously David Leitch. The real honesty is that we shoot so many scenes, so many moments and shoot so much… and it is pretty arbitrary. Some is for time, some for content. Some of it our f—king moms wouldn't be able to bear it. But we have reasons. And honestly the extended scenes can make for two totally different movies."

Question for Leitch: Who would win in a fight… Deadpool, Jonah Hex, or John Wick?

Leitch: Jonah Hex. But, honestly everything is a copout, but really, we ripped Deadpool in half and he is always in the game.

Karan sets up something from the extra scenes that were left on the cutting room floor. Asked not to describe… so, we wont. But it was funny… go get the DVD.

Question for Brianna / Stefan: What was the difference between Deadpool and Deadpool 2?

Brianna: The moment I got a trailer, I was like, we have a lot of money now. Honestly, it was also nice to work with a new cast and new people and the new crew – even though some were the same – and it was neat that there were new people, and it was an energy on the set.

Stefan: For me, it was amazing… working with David and Ryan was amazing. We went to new levels with Colossus. I fought Juggernaut. I got to say, Pick on someone your own size, which I wanted to say. I had an f-word moment, which Colossus doesn't say.

Question for Stefan: Why does he wash his hands if they are made of metal?

Stefan: Germs. Safety first.

Question for Paul: Why did you make Deadpool be a decent person.

Paul: That was our poison pill. The first one was a love story and this was like, let's go family Disney film… And so this was our way to try and get some family-first past you guys.

ANOTHER scene…. That we cant describe… but it has Domino and Collosus, and Deadpool in a car… more sexually overt and has more curse words…. Still very funny!!

Question for Zazie: How crazy was it to join this superhero movie, now that it is out, how does it feel?

Zazie: It went well, I think…. Signing on to this, I was really nervous. The first film was so wonderful and I didn't want this to drop the ball. I wanted to be as prepared as possible, but it didn't feel like there was a hierarchy for who was in the first and then who was the second. We all came together to make something beautiful. It was a new version of what was already established. Everyone was wonderful.

Question for David: Why was she the perfect Domino.

David: I mean, look at her… honestly, it came down to the final chemistry reads. It was an undeniable chemistry with Ryan. We were fans of her work, but we went down to the last reads.