There's Totally an Invisible Mutant in 'Deadpool 2'

All sorts of current and former X-Force members are going to be appearing in Deadpool 2 this summer, including the likes of Domino, Shatterstar, Cable, and more. When you look closely at the trailers however, it seems as though the movie is also including a mutant that can turn themselves invisible.

Yeah, I know how this sounds, but I'm being completely serious about it. There is totally an invisible mutant in Deadpool 2. Follow me down the rabbit hole, please and thank you.

Take a look below at the shot from the trailer where Domino (Zazie Beetz) is throwing shade at Deadpool's X-Force team name. To her left is an empty seat, followed by another mutant that we're 99 percent sure is Zeitgeist, played by It star Bill Skarsgard. Pay close attention to the seat between them. It looks as if a parachute is sitting there on its own, as if already strapped onto somebody.

deadpool 2 domino zeitgeist
(Photo: 20th Century Fox)

Now, that could just be written off as nothing. The harness could have just been put down and the angle makes it look as though it's sitting by itself. There are countless explanations for this harness and why it could look like this. That alone isn't enough to support the theory that someone else is on the plane.

However, take a look at this next shot. This is where it all comes together.

deadpool 2 backpack
(Photo: 20th Century Fox)

When the group jumps out of the plane, look to the left of Deadpool. Alongside all of the mutants falling towards the ground, an empty parachute is soaring on its own, at the same speed as its bodied counterparts. A parachute on its own would fall much more slowly than a person with a parachute on their backs, considering the massive weight difference.


Throughout X-Men lore, a few mutants have shown the ability to cloak themselves to others, so there's no telling who this could be. With the addition of Peter (Rob Delaney) Deadpool 2 has also showed that it's not afraid to introduce characters completely absent from the comics, meaning that there's always a chance that the invisible character could be brand new.

The one other possibility here, and this is just a personal guess, is that the character in the parachute it Deadpool 2's take on Vanisher. The villain from the X-Men comics was a master at breaking in to highly secure places thanks to his ability to teleport. While he doesn't have the power of invisibility, the Deadpool franchise has already changed the abilities of mutants in the past. Negasonic Teenage Warhead's powers were completely different in the comic books, but the movie made the adjustments in order to better serve the story. I think that Vanisher will work the same way here, and he will be key in helping Deadpool break into what seems to be a prison, and get his hands on Russell before Cable arrives.

Is there any merit to this theory? Or is it completely insane? Share your thoughts on the matter in the comment section below!


Deadpool 2 is set to hit theaters on May 18.