'Deadpool 2' Writers Reveal The MCU Crossovers They Really Want

Deadpool might not have mastered a crossover with Wolverine yet but that isn't stopping the writers from fantasizing about a potential future in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

As the acquisition of Fox by Disney becomes more and more of a reality, the writers behind Deadpool 2 and its smash hit predecessor know exactly which heroes owned by Marvel Studios would be the most fun to pair with Ryan Reynolds' loud-mouthed merc. Speaking to ComicBook.com in an exclusive interview, Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick opened up about the dream scenario.

"I mean I sure wish Chris Evans would stay in the role a little bit longer because I'd love to see Deadpool and Captain America going at it," Reese said. Just because he's so honorable and so serious and a great character and Deadpool's pretty much the opposite and that could be fun. We're always looking for good foils for Deadpool."

Wernick, however, is on the other side of Marvel's Civil War. "Iron Man, too," Wernicks said. "I mean imagine Tony Stark and Wade Wilson back and forth, you'd literally, there wouldn't be a moment to do anything else but to jabber back and forth and my God, it would be exhausting."

While there are plenty of X-Men characters which Wernick and Reese will be able to play with should Deadpool 3 roll around, they are enthusiastic with hopes of staying on board through Fox and Disney's deal.

"The good news is that with Disney taking over Fox, or the impending take-over of Fox, that list of characters that we have access to will grow quite a bit and really brings a huge smile to our face moving forward," Wernick said.

Still, they were able to include all of the characters they really wanted in Deadpool 2. There were "certainly not [any characters] that we really wanted to include that didn't get in," Reese said. "That said, we did have earlier drafts with some different characters. We had a character named Mr. X, a bad guy named Mr. X. We had a draft where Black Tom played a much bigger role than the draft that ended up becoming the movie."

"We had a draft of Deadpool and Spider-Man that only lived in our heads and not on paper," Wernick joked.


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Deadpool 2 hits theaters on May 18, 2018.