Deadpool 2 Safety Errors Led to Stunt Actress' Death

The filming of Deadpool 2 faced a real-life tragedy in 2017, when experienced motorcycle rider and stuntwoman Joi Harris was killed in a crash on the film's set. Over two years after Harris' death, a new report is shedding more light on exactly how it happened. An official incident investigation report from WorkSafe B.C. was published on Wednesday, which outlines what caused Harris' death. WorkSafe B.C. claims that the incident, which occurred after Harris was thrown off of her motorcycle and crashed through a window, was the result of several errors. The report outlines five violations that 20th Century Fox made in relation to the accident, including failure to assess the risk of the stunt, lack of supervision and new worker orientation on set, and instructing Harris to not wear a helmet during the stunt.

It is unclear at this point exactly what punishment 20th Century Fox will face for these violations, although the agency states that they are considering a potential penalty. Previous reports had indicated that crew members warned Fox that an on-set accident could be possible. The studio has already responded to the report (via Variety) and argued that safety measures were improved immediately following Harris' death.

"Safety is our top priority, and while we respectfully disagree with some of the report's findings, Fox thoroughly reviewed its stunt safety protocols immediately following the tragic accident and has revised and implemented enhanced safety procedures and enforcement," a spokesperson for Fox said in a statement.

Before Deadpool 2, Harris had established a pretty prominent career in the motorcycle racing world, being the first African American woman to be licensed in the profession. Deadpool 2, which was ultimately dedicated to her, was set to be her film debut. Harris' death rocked the set of Deadpool 2 in August of 2017, leading to production on the Marvel film briefly being shut down. Several of the film's stars spoke out following Harris' passing, including Zazie Beetz, whose character Harris was a stunt double for.

"It really rocked our boat, and still is," Beetz said in September of 2017. "It changed a lot in our production, changed a lot in the film. That week, we shut down production for a few days and then we came together and it actually really did bring the cast to sort of to this same place… the crew as well."

"We had a memorial for her," she continued. "Yeah, it was very sad. It was a very strange time and still is -- like, it's still the same with us, and for the stunt community, too... I just want to say, we're really proud of our stunt team and they're a fantastic team and just really sorry. I just really want people to know it wasn't supposed to happen. We're a really good team and really so sorry."

"I felt like she was part of the Domino team and story," Beetz said in a subsequent interview. "I hope people continue to remember her as someone who really pushed a lot of boundaries — being the first black woman to be professionally engaged in motorcycle racing. I hope that's her legacy."


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