'Deadpool 2': Peter Skydiving Scene Released Online

Deadpool 2 trailers have introduced audiences to many new characters, but perhaps none has [...]

Deadpool 2 trailers have introduced audiences to many new characters, but perhaps none has captured their heart like Peter. The nondescript, regular Joe selected to join up with the X-Force has been the subject to plenty of on-line attention and now the complete scene that first made him famous has hit the interwebs.

As seen above -- and to the tune of Thunderstruck -- the 0:28 clip opens with Deadpool in the face of Peter, who looks panicked, as they are on a plane.

Deadpool give the fourth wall a thumb's up and moves on down the line to the rest of his team. The next shot is of Domino and Bedlam flanking the masked anti-hero before jumping out of the plane.

Deadpool then turns and gives the jump call -- in German -- and the X-Force team all jumps out of the plane. When it comes time for Peter, his exit is not as graceful as the rest.

Peter, who according to his twitter profile is a beekeeper by trade, toes the line of the plane before sitting down on the ledge of the jump deck. Deadpool then walks behind his new friend and gives him a gentle nudge out of the plane before jumping himself.

In an interview with Birth.Movies.Death, Peter said that the shoot was quite tense.

"Before I was pushed out of the plane, Deadpool mentioned he'd packed my parachute with Gummy Bears and old tubes of Mac LipGloss," he said. "Which, as you may have guessed, aren't inflatable life-saving nylon rectangles used to decelerate a human body moving through the atmosphere at terminal velocity. Anyway, turns out he was joking. It was a totally operational parachute."

The character was first introduced in April during the final full-length Deadpool 2 trailer and the everyman swiftly became a fan-favorite.

The apiarist and grilling hobbyist — who has his own popular Twitter account, already up to 90,000 followers — is seen in the trailer responding to an ad in search of mutant recruits to join combat team X-Force.

His superpower? "I don't have one," Peter admits. "I just saw the ad."

It is the second such "Peter-centric" spot released this week. The first was a more complete look at Peter and his love of the X-Force and its quest to take out Cable.

Peter was also featured in another TV spot to close out April.

In that scene, the camera makes its way to Peter after showing off various members of the X-Force, and all of their exceptional powers. Peter is doing something so normal that it seems incredibly out of place in this movie: applying sunscreen.

It isn't that Peter is distracted from the task at hand, but while the rest of the team is seemingly preparing for a battle against Cable, he is making sure to protect himself from one of the most dastardly villain of all: skin cancer.

"I don't know much about this Cable fella, but I guarantee he hasn't killed as many people as melanoma has," he quips.

Deadpool 2 is set to hit theaters on May 18th. The film will be followed by Solo: A Star Wars Story, which opens just a week later on May 25th.