'Deadpool 2' Star Stefan Kapicic Comments on New Trailer

Early Wednesday morning, the creative team behind the Untitled Deadpool Sequel dropped a bombshell [...]

Early Wednesday morning, the creative team behind the Untitled Deadpool Sequel dropped a bombshell on comic book fans around the world, releasing a brand new trailer that featured the first footage of Josh Brolin as Cable, along with quite a few other surprises.

Fans went wild for the footage, as did Deadpool and Cable creator Rob Liefeld, who loved seeing a horde of his characters together in live-action. Even the movie's stars were getting excited about seeing the anticipated sequel come to life.

Following the trailer's release, ComicBook.com spoke exclusively with star Stefan Kapicic, who plays Colossus in the Deadpool franchise, and he shared his thoughts on the promo, as well as what fans can expect from the film going forward.

"I was geeking out," Kapicic said of his reaction when he first saw the trailer. "I was totally geeking out watching Cable. Getting to open in his voice and the narration. That's one of the things that get's your inner-child excited! As you know, I've said many times, I'm a comic book geek. For me, all these things have a totally different angle. It's not just a movie. It's not just a role. It's something that I was raised on. I'm a huge fan of Rob Liefeld's creations. To see Josh Brolin with that face, with the costume, with the eye. And that voice, which is the perfect voice for Cable."

Kapicic has always had a deep love for comic books, which makes him appreciate this franchise even more now that he's involved with it. The actor couldn't say enough about how great his collaborators have been at bringing all of his favorite childhood heroes to life.

"It's the perfect cast. And then of course, you have that cast with the one and only Deadpool, Ryan Reynolds, doing his thing again," said Kapicic. "Doing this thing with the toys and the jokes. You know, it's in there you get all the action and the glimpse of the things that are going to happen and it's perfect. I watched the trailer I think like ten to fifteen times in a row. Stopping shot by shot. I just wanted to take everything from the film, even though I know what's going on."

The trailer featured all sorts of surprises that fans weren't expecting to see, like the inclusion of Shatterstar, or the surprise casting of Terry Crews. According to Kapicic, flipping the script like that is just what Deadpool does, and that's what makes the franchise stand out.

"Always expect the unexpected with Deadpool," he said. "That's the beauty of that. I'm a huge fan of Infinity War and I can't wait to see it. Then again, all the trailers are showing me something that I kind of expect. I get what I expect. But, in Deadpool, you always get so many more things with the trailer. There are new things in every trailer and everything that Ryan is doing [on social media]. That's why people are so excited about everything Deadpool does."

There are certainly more twists to be expected as the marketing campaign for Deadpool 2 ramps up ahead of its May 18 release.