'Deadpool 2': One of the Villains Rumored to Be Cut From the Film

Many fans are looking forward to the influx of X-Men characters set to appear in Deadpool 2, but not much is known about the movie's villains.

It turns out that one baddie who was set to play an important role might have been cut out entirely from the film's final edit, according to a new rumor via Meet the Movie Press.

Jack Kesy's mysterious character has been excised from the movie ahead of its premiere, according to podcast co-host Jeff Sneider. When Kesy was first announced as joining the cast for the film, it was reported he would play the movie's major villain. Though the character was not revealed, many presumed he'd he portraying classic X-villain Black Tom Cassidy.

Sneider revealed the info toward the end of the show, saying that he heard about Kesy's character being cut after he posted a Twitter poll asking users who they thought would be the May movies' breakout star. Kesy was positioned as the villain of Deadpool 2, but now it seems that might not be the case.

The trailer for the film makes it clear that Ryan Reynolds' Merc with the Mouth will be running afoul of Josh Brolin's Cable, which makes sense given the early buzz around the movie having to do with these two characters coming into conflict. But anyone who is familiar with the source material knows the two will eventually form one of Marvel's most popular bromances, as the two have shared the pages in many different X-Men comics over the years.

Brolin's Cable is also signed on to appear in the future X-Force spinoff, which makes his eventual partnership with Deadpool much more likely in the upcoming sequel, as the two unite to take on an as-of-yet unannounced threat.

The conflict between the two characters in Deadpool 2 seems to boil down to Cable's attempts to capture and/or kill a mutant child, played by Julian Dennison, while Deadpool attempts to rescue him.

Though there are rumors that Kesy would be playing Black Tom Cassidy, others have posited that the movie would also feature an appearance from the Juggernaut. This would make sense given the two characters have a history of teaming up to take on the X-Men in the comics.

Juggernaut previously appeared in X-Men: The Last Stand, portrayed by Vinnie Jones, but since they recast Colossus for the Deadpool franchise it stands to reason they would do the same for ole Cain Marko.


We'll see if the rumor holds true when Deadpool 2 premieres on May 17th.

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