Deadpool Now Follows A Second Person On Twitter

A potentially fantastic moment for any massive fan of all-things Deadpool came to what can only be [...]

A potentially fantastic moment for any massive fan of all-things Deadpool came to what can only be summed up as a sad trombone sound effect ending today with @PeterW_1974 "winning" the opportunity to #BeDeadpools2nd.

The promotion was to be the second person Deadpool followed on the social media platform and was launched in the middle of February. The account encouraged people to apply or make suggestions as to who should be the next profile -- after Hello Kitty, of course -- the account would follow.

"The one person I follow on Twitter says, 'You can never have too many friends!'" the account shared in the tweet. "Guess it's time to +1 the ol' Twitter following. Any suggestions? #BeDeadpools2nd"

With the reveal in the final trailer of "Peter" joining the team, with no super powers at all, and being billed as just a "guy who saw the advertisement" it was a rush to see who made that cut.

It appears to all have been a work.

The account for @PeterW_1974 was launched on March 24, has only had 95 tweets, and was verified. At the time of publication this account only has 821 followers, but is expected to grow into the millions very quickly.

A first tweet from it read: "Wife's always telling me to 'get out of my comfort zone!' So, I figure making a twitter and doing this #BeDeadpools2nd thing is a great way."

It follows like a real account from there with innocuous posts of lunch photos, retweets of regular things like MLB Opening Day, and a few hints as to who "Peter" is -- a beekeeper, if you still care.

It's lastest tweet was just a phony as the rest: "I appreciate all the attention. But I'm just an honest guy, looking for work in a contracting economy. #XForce"

A deeper dive shows that "Peter" is actually the comedian, Rob Delaney.

Delaney was one of the first comics to be made internet famous by posting direct to social media in 2009 and grew his following to well over 1 million. In 2010 he was named by Paste magazine as one of the funniest people on Twitter and in May of 2012, he was tabbed as the funniest person on twitter by Comedy Central.

His list of films prior to Deadpool 2 is fairly limited. He was on Wild Girls Gone, This Week in Comedy, and The Smoking Gun Presents: World's Dumbest as himself. He acted as Brad in First Dates with Toby Harris, an unnamed news anchor on Life After Beth, and co-wrote Catasrophe in 2015.

You can watch the full Deadpool 2 trailer, in all of its ridiculous, foul-mouthed glory, in the video at the top of the page! Tickets for the film are now on sale, so you can grab your tickets for opening weekend nearly a month in advance.