'Deadpool 2': Zeitgeist Confirmed

As the release date of Deadpool 2 gets closer and closer, fans are starting to learn more about the new mutants of X-Force.

The surprising team of mutants were revealed in Deadpool's first full-length trailer, and ever since then we've been trying to figure out who is who. Now, the final member has been confirmed and it backs up a theory we had months ago.

The social media account for Peter, the regular human who put his name in the ring after seeing an ad, has been posting photos of his X-Force teammates. One photo reveals a teammate is indeed Zeitgeist, who first appeared in Peter Milligan and Mike Allred's comic run on X-Force that lead to the creation of X-Statix.

Zeitgeist didn't stick around long, but he did have an impact. As part of the vanity-obsessed team, Zeitgeist ended up betraying his teammates and leading to many of their deaths, which resulted in the subsequent team X-Statix.

Zeitgeist, real name Axel Cluney, was a bit of a jerk in the series, dismissive of his teammates and resentful of being in the spotlight. While the massacre of X-Force was planned, Zeitgeist was in on the machinations and was intended to be one of the only survivors. It didn't work out for Axel, who ended up being killed in the event.

While he's not the strangest mutant, Zeitgeist's power set is definitely odd. He pukes up acidic vomit and uses it as a projectile, making his fighting style among one of the most unique and grossest of all the mutants.

Of course, that's probably exactly why Deadpool picked him to be a part of his team, given the Merc' with the Mouth's penchant to be enamored with all things weird. There's a reason he takes a unicorn with him into the bathroom, you know…

It'll be interesting to see if Zeitgeist survives the runtime of Deadpool 2 and makes it into the X-Force movie, or if they'll stay true to the comics and kill him shortly after introducing him.

Who knows? Maybe he'll see a resurgence in popularity and Marvel Comics will have no choice but to bring him back as part of the All-New, All-Different X-Statix? A nerd can dream…


Deadpool 2 premieres in theaters on May 18th.

Are you excited to see one of Allred and Milligan's strange creations come to life in the new Deadpool movie? Let us know your favorite, weird mutant in the comments and why it's Maggot!