Deadpool Director Producing Sonic The Hedgehog Movie

Now that Tim Miller has left the Deadpool franchise, he is finding different ways to spend all of his time. According to The Hollywood Reporter, his next project will be a little more family-friendly than his last.

Tim Miller has now signed on as the Executive Producer for the Sonic The Hedgehog feature film.

It was previously announced that Miller's company Blur Studios would be producing the movie, but Miller had an obligation to direct the Deadpool sequel. Since his schedule was going to be full of F-bombs and unicorns, Miller was going to be pretty hands-off with the Sonic project.

After leaving his position at the helm of Deadpool, Miller can spend a little more time with the animated hedgehog. He won't be in the director's chair, but his trusted sidekick will be.

Jeff Fowler is a longtime collaborator of Miller's over at Blur Studios, and Sonic will mark his feature film directorial debut.

In addition to Miller and Fowler, two writers have also signed on to pen the script. Patrick Casey and Josh Miller are currently in the process of adapting Sonic's story for the big screen.

The film will be a combination of live-action and CGI, much like the incredibly successful Jungle Book remake. It seems as though many studios are grabbing for this tactic at the moment, as adaptations of The Lion King and Pinocchio are currently in the works.


Sonic The Hedgehog has been a popular video game franchise since Sega debuted the first game in 1991. The franchise has also released several comic books and cartoons in the years since.