Rob Liefeld Reveals Who He Wants to See Deadpool Interact With in the MCU

By the time you're reading this,'s Deadpool #QuarantineWatchParty will likely be [...]

By the time you're reading this,'s Deadpool #QuarantineWatchParty will likely be well underway with the man, the myth, and the legend Rob Liefeld. Liefeld, most known for creating the Merc With a Mouth, joined's Brandon Davis earlier today for a #QuarantineWatchParty pre-show. There, he talked all things Deadpool, including the character's he'd like seeing his creation appear together with on-screen in a future movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

According to Liefeld, both Chris Hemsworth and Mark Ruffalo are his top choices to see Deadpool interact with. "So when you ask me that question, I immediately go to who's left because I know fans want to go backwards all the time," the writer says. "Until an option's really viable, I can't really entertain that."

Liefeld adds, "Right now, we have Thor who's still around. [Chris] Hemsworth, right? And we have [Mark] Ruffalo as the Hulk. We've still got Ant-Man, right? And then the Guardians of the Galaxy Characters...I mean, Star-Lord and Deadpool would be extremely funny together and because Deadpool has had an entire series in space called Deadpool Corps, this wouldn't be foreign to him."

That's when the writer introduces a pretty gnarly concept — what happens if Deadpool would be responsible for making Smart Hulk no longer smart, per se? "My personal preference would be to see him and Ruffalo," Liefeld concludes. "It would be great if he frustrated Smart Hulk so much that he turned in to "Angry" Hulk again and just lost his shit because obviously, Deadpool's going to get under everybody's skin."

The Quarantine Watch Party offers plenty of reasons to stay home, be safe, and have fun together! The Quarantine Watch Party will be hosted by's Brandon Davis, as well as other staff members including Adam Barnhardt, Evan Valentine, Megan Peters, Joseph Schmidt, and ComicBook Nation co-host Janell Wheeler. There will be more Quarantine Watch Party events throughout the week with additional guests and fun news, so be sure to follow Davis for the latest!

You can watch a LIVE commentary track with Davis and Liefeld by clicking here!

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